The Lighthouse

For you arrived just in time
For the awakening was not due till now.
The timing is as perfect as its Maker;
We salute and honour you.
For when your light is dimmed
And you have nowhere to go,
Take the road and journey towards the discovery of self.
Meet the Bearers of light,
Who are not afraid to rekindle your spark
And inspire and lead you to the path of luminous exuberance one step at a time
And one moment in time.

The world is too vast a stage to stand in isolation;
It becomes magnificent when we shine amidst others.
Be not afraid to seek your shine
Nor be afraid to lead others to the light,
For indeed there is enough for all
To stand in the majesty of their legendary light and being.
Each with his light,
Each with his gifts,
Bravely approach the Source and shine.
For each facet brings to existence the peculiar display of splendour and color,
Spectacular genius and artistry in the making
That you may evolve
And become the truest, most optimized of yourself.

Fatima Mohammed

The Gazelle
For The Mind Strategists @Pillars and Gates

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