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trust this meets you in the best of health. You are the No. 1 most important part of your life, family and business. Believe it.
Many people I know spend more on parties, cars and gadgets than they invest in their well-being and personal development. It’s time to change that. What better time than now.
Last year, a very close friend had a minor health crisis and had to be in hospital for a while. The news came as a shock to us in our circle. It made me think of how best we can live our lives and help others live theirs. It was a learning point for me.

After that experience, I blocked out days in my calendar to relax and rest. I always encouraged people to rest. Take a moment to see the beauty of life, celebrate your achievements and develop yourself. There is no time like now.
My mentor once shared a story of a man who owned a bread factory and a machine that worked way beyond its capacity until it eventually broke down. The owner had to spend more money, time and energy to get a new machine and lost a lot because of downtime. This was a wake-up call for us.
What are you doing that is pushing you to the limits?
What are you stressing about when you can get help from others?
Don't get me wrong. Everything is not about stress but how much stress we allow to incapacitate us. There will always be someone willing to help you get stronger and better. However, you have to do some work on yourself regularly. You have the responsibility of taking care of yourself while delegating to others to help ease your pressure on you. You also have the responsibility of finding people who can help your best life so you can strike a good work-life balance.
My gift to you is to help you find time to rest, re-strategize and regain your energy to live to your true potential. Let me help you. As a Personal Development and Leadership Consultant, I can help you achieve your goals, transform your life and live your best life by building meaningful connections with people around you. Let me help you help yourself and others.
Anything is better than just staying and doing nothing. I have heard the wise say a quiet mind is the most important vehicle of clarity, and transformation is a powerful engine of creativity and perception. And with creativity we can change ourselves first, then others and the world at large.

But first things first. Let’s take one step at a time.
The way to a quiet mind is to schedule a time to have a mindfulness meditation and recharge. Spend time away from work pressure, distractions and other routine activities that deplete your performance capacity. Let me introduce you to The Mind Strategists, a group of highly skilled experts who can help you achieve your goals. Meet Fatima also known as the Gazelle. She is a lawyer, creative writer, certified leadership and personal development consultant who can help you transform and live an optimized and exemplary life.
If you are interested in transformation and personal development, press the reply button and reach out to us. Together we can help you change your world and make a difference. It’s time to achieve your dreams and make the best of your life.
What are you waiting for?
You can book a lunch-and-learn session on the hour, a half-hour pick-my-brain session, the premium monthly or a 90-day session.

Thank you
Your best life awaits you In sha Allah
Immerse, Emerge, Actualize Transform and Soar.

Fatima Mohammed

The Gazelle
For The Mind Strategists @Pillars and Gates

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